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Professional Qualifications

I completed the Concurrent, Junior-Intermediate program with the Faculty of Education at York University.
I majored in Honours Mathematics with a minor in Visual Arts.

I have obtained my Additional Qualifications in Senior Mathematics and Religion Part I.

Personal Teaching Philosophy

My personal teaching philosophy is to listen to the diverse voices of my students with love and respect. Whatever needs, knowledge and history they bring, it is my responsibility to treat them with love. I have consistently been able to build a strong rapport with my students because I recognize the importance of listening to them.

The amazing effects of this philosophy of teaching can be seen in more ways than one, both in and out of the classroom environment. For instance, during lessons my students are always willing to take risks and learn from their mistakes. This is because they know that I will always be there to listen to their struggles, answer their questions and move forward with new-found knowledge. Outside of the regular teaching classroom, my students are consistently willing to talk with me about their challenges with friends, bullies, family members or personal struggles. The students know that whether they have an exciting story about their hockey game on the weekend, or their friend is constantly being bullying at recess, or they were extremely lost during one of my math lessons, I will always take the time, give them my respect and listen to them with love.

By adhering to this philosophy of listening with love, I am able to be a strong model of mutual respect for the students. As a result, the classroom and school community becomes a respectful, peaceful, safe and loving environment.

Listening with Love


The Heart of a Teacher



Service Trip to Lima, PeruSolidarity In Action
Solidarity In Action

Thank you to everyone who supported me on my first service trip to Lima, Peru!
Social Justice was the main focus of this trip. We spent 10 days working in a shanty town just outside of Lima. We worked in solidarity with the people to build stairs in their community. We also spent the week teaching English to over 50 local children who were very eager to learn! I created a program for the children which incorporated games and activities suited for children of various English speaking abilities and various ages (2-16years).

The whole experience gave me a new perspective on life.

I’d always known that there was poverty, but I truly didn’t understand it.

Through working first hand with the people of Peru, through many discussions and prayers I experienced what it means to put my faith into action!

Here is a powerpoint that I created with the various pictures from the trip:

Service Trip to Lima, Peru

The trip was with 40 other University students and was lead by
Solidarity in Action (